Wanna’ be Thelander (R) Lodges Lies at Congresswoman Pingree (D) During Congressional Debate


US Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) Who is Seeking her 8th Term at Last Night’s Televised Debate.

Divisive, failure to show up for the job and an ineffective legislator were some of the lies that challenger Ed Thelander lodged against Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) during the closing moments of a televised debate last night.  The lies from the political wanna’ be Thelander came at the end of the debate, giving incumbent Pingree no opportunty  to defend herself and her record.

If “she” as Thelander consistantly referred to the Congresswoman rather than her Congressional title, is so irresponsible in the performance of her duties, this blogger wonders how she has survived for so many years as the US Representative for District 1 in Maine?  More likely, Thelander’s last minute lies followed his failure to score any points during the hour long debate with the enormously popular Congresswoman.who is considered  to be a shoe-in for an 8th  term in Washington, D.C. – his low road trip was just a nasti-page taken from the handbook of Paul LePage and his higher power Donald J. Trump.

Thelander who last year told this blogger that he was opposed to the US leaving Afghanistan, said that a pro-life policy should not be a federal law. Thelander also said he has doubts about the “integrity” of the election system in Maine.  Does that mean that he will contest the results of the November 8th election if he is defeated? (Twisted Trump’s Playbook). He would not specify why – just:  “We need to take a look at the election system.  He called for voter IDs as well.  Congresswoman PIngree responded that there has been a high voter turnout in Maine in recent years that does not indicate voters are concerned about election fraud here in Maine.

Thelander complained that not enough is being done to save the lobster industry from federal regulations that if implemented could potentially destroy the industry.  However, Thelander had no solution on how to fix the issue.  A recent rally on the Portland waterfront and one scheduled for the Augusta area later this month is not a solution. However, the matter is currently under deliberation in the courts.

Thelander, a former Navy SEAL, said he’s opposed to the Biden college loan forgiveness becaue he paid his college loans.  He called for cuts in federal safety nets, although he had no idea  where these cuts should come from.  On gun control issues, Thelander persisted that no vetting or assault ban weapons be implemented.  “The problem is with mental health,” he said.

He forgot to say whose mental health he is concerned about.