The FESTIVAL Features Craft Beers from Overseas, Canada


Maggie Fuller, 12% Imports, One of  Two Sponsors of the Festival This Weekend.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,451)

“Craft beers are not mass produced, but the focus is on the artistry.  We are in 35 states in the country,” said Maggie Fuller, a New York Sales Manager for 12% Imports earlier today.  “Not all of our beers are 12%, but many of them are. There are so many new breweries opening up and there is a lot of interest in craft.”  Fuller was speaking at the site of the Festival, a beer sampling event that has  the attention of thousands across the country.   12% imports over 60 beers from overseas, and they do represent several American beers that are exceptional craft beers – one is Stillwater.  The variety in craft beers compensates for some of the more lackluster beers around.  “You don’t see 24 packs from craft beers.”

The two beer importers, 12% Imports and Shelton Brothers, Massachusetts, teamed up for their first event in Maine this weekend at the Portland Company Complex, 58 Fore Street, on the Hill.  Last year, the two sponsored a similar event in Worcester, Massachusetts.  It’s mutually beneficial for us to do this,” said Jim Barnes, Shelton Brothers.

There are 70 breweries from around the world and several from the U.S. at the Festival.  Marielle and Daniel Thiriez, of Brasserie Craft Brewers, France, said this was not their first time here in the U.S.  The couple also attended the Festival in Worcester, MA last year.  “It’s also a wonderful way to meet colleagues,” said Mr. Thiriez  Please see  From Spain is the brewery Alex Aguilons, a three year old small brewery.  The company is showcasing 6 different beers at the Festival.  Don Rudy talked about his book on beer, “The Only Beer You Don’t Like is Expensive,” $6.95 which is expected to be in Maine bookstores in the fall.

The Festival opened this evening and there are two sessions to go – one Saturday afternoon and the other Saturday evening.  Please visit Post # 1,436 herein for more background information.