Super Bowl LI a “Big Party” says Fan Who Was There !


Alice Gagne, a Dedicated Patriot’s Fan is Going to the Parade in Boston Tomorrow.

“It was a big party – like the Mardi Gras,” said Jeff Nichols, this afternoon at his Portland office of his trip to the Super Bowl in Houston yesterday.  And he’s been to three of them so he knows whereof he speaks.  Nichols, an executive in the construction business, has had a season ticket to the Patriots games for fifteen years.  He has been in the post-season lottery since. This year he won.

“The fourth quarter of the game was the best I’ve ever seen,” he said. “Patriots fans were going crazy.  What the hell is happening?  It was shock and awe for the first two quarters. Some people began to leave mid-third quarter,” he said.  But then Hightower forced QB Ryan to fumble and the momentum of the game shifted to the Patriots.  “And the rest is history,” said Nichols.

“Television coverage of Roger Goodell handing the trophy to owner Robert Kraft didn’t begin to do justice to what REALLY happened.  There was a lot of name calling.  One whole section of the stadium was yelling ‘ass-hole’ at him,” said Nichols. “About seven minutes before the end of the third quarter, the camera focused on Brady in the huddle.  You could see it on the jumbo screen.  Brady yelled ‘Let’s fucking go.’  And then all hell broke loose,” said an energized Nichols who was functioning on just several hours of sleep from last night.  The cost for his seat on the 20-yard line was $850. and he spent $3,000 for the overnight sojourn in Houston.  He was with a friend who had access to VIP treatment making the experience all around easier.

Meanwhile, Alice Gagne, a ‘die-hard’ Patriiots fan was at the Maine Mall buying championship apparel for her trip to Boston tomorrow to watch the victory parade.  She also attended the Boston rally when the team took off for Houston last week.  “I wouldn’t miss this for anything,” she said.