Music Festival Opens on Thompson’s Point; It’s SUNAANA2017 !


Patrick Arnold, Jed Troubh and Chris Thompson, (the latter two co-owners of Thompson’s Point) and Chris Cary,  Organizers of SUNAANA2017 at Rising Tide Recently.

Renovations Have Been Underway at Brick South for the Music Festival This Weekend at Thompson’s Point.

Soaking up the Rays and Some Bissell Brothers Craft Beer were These Gents Today; Second From Left is Cam Smith, a Munjoy Hill Resident.  Lookin’ Good, Cam! Lookin’ Good.

What is Sunaana2017 you ask?!

It’s a musical festival that launches the new Brick South Thompson’s Point venue Saturday, March 4th, from 1:00 pm until 12:00 am.  This is a 21+ event.

More than that, it’s a full day of discovering music, craft beer, food and much more – a winter festival that embraces the short days and the long nights of the northeast – an opportunity to enjoy emerging bands from Maine, Iceland and beyond while enjoying your favorite craft beers from Maine and out-of-state too.

Twelve musical acts have been selected and you will be able to choose from among forty beers from  twenty-one breweries to quench your thirst. The awesome Bissell Brothers hand-picked the breweries to participate in this winter festival.

Portland is becoming the epicenter of New England’s cultural, economic and political engagement with the North Atlantic region.  As such Thompson’s Point is the logical venue to hold this unique blend of activities.  This event puts forth a kernel of events that will ultimately grow into a city-wide winter festival blending music, art, food, beer and outdoor recreation.  It’s a large format with long-term aspirations.

“The city of Portland and state of Maine have been incredible places for us to refine our craft beer with such support and collaboration,” said Pete Bissell, co-founder of Bissell Beer Brewery.  “Sunaana is an overflow of that spirit.  It embraces the fun and culture that inspires and motivates us every day.”

“We are excited to share with everyone the discovery experience that Sunaana represents,” said Chris Thompson, co-owner of Thompson’s Point.  “This collaboration effort has been two years in the making and dovetails nicely with our established summer concert series at The Point.  It is a perfect fit as the launch event at the Brick South venue,” Thompson wrote in an email.

To purchase tickets on-line and for more details, please go to  For more information, please email  Tickets will be on sale at the door on Saturday, March 4th as well.  Tickets for the purchase of beer at the festival is separate from the cost of admission.