Street Upgrades Bring Noise – Get Your Earplugs On!


 By Carol McCracken

Early yesterday morning, the city began  making some intersections on the Hill more pedestrian friendly  – but with that improvement came early morning noise – who knew?  Certainly not MHN* – to which the early morning (7:00 a.m.) nasty drilling on Congress Street came as a suprise and an unwelcome early morning wake-up call.  (Bagpipes would have been more welcome.)

The city is replacing the old curbs and making them flush with the streets for the health and safety of those who are physically  disabled or those who are just a little less agile in getting around. The concrete will be replaced with brick.  The cutting and fitting of the brick will create more noisy drilling than already experienced as workers drill apart the large blocks of brick (on site)  for placement in the street intersections.    (Can’t wait for that drilling  to start!)

It’s believed, according to city workers, that there will be seven more upgrades between North Street and the Eastern Promenade in the near future, all on Congress Street. It’s  anticipated that there will be a total of 65 such upgrades on the Hill.

Meanwhile, take it from a non-early riser, that ear-plugs are your best defense – unless of course you can get away until the upgrades are completed!

*  To clarify some inquiries,  please do not confuse MHN with Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization (MHNO).   There is no connection between the two entities.