Stop the “Fake Emergency Wall” Protest in Portland Today


Portland joined four other cities in Maine holding a protest today against Trump’s fake wall emergency. A coalition of activists gathered at the Lobstermen’s Monument to protest Trump’s illegal power grab from an unhinged man trying to push his racist, dangerous politics on our country.

Rabbi Joshua Chasan, also a member of Moral Movement Maine, read his poem: It’s repeated here, but only in part: “A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority” “Time time comes when we break. The time has come. To discern that when rooted in solidarity and we make the effort, we can move mountains. Such is the power of justice-seeking love.

Rabbi Joshua Chasan Reading His Poem to the Protestors Today – 2/18/19.

History is calling us to be publicly decisive, refusing to abide separation of babies and children from their mamas’ arms. May we declare openly: WE WILL NOT BE COMPLICIT WITH ANY US POLICY THAT IS RACIST, VIOLENT AND CRUEL.

Gentle anger parts the waters we wade in loving kindness, to turn the tide.

Grayson Lookner, one of the organizers of today’s protest, thanked activists for showing up on this cold and snowy day. Grayson urged everyone to stay involved until Trump is no longer president.

Sixteen states, including Maine, are currently expected to file lawsuits against Trump’s Declaration for “Emergency” Funding Request.

The other cities in Maine with protests are: Lewiston, Augusta, Farmington and Bangor. Numerous other states also held protests today – Presidents’ Day.