SOPO Council Hears Expert Tar Sands Testimony; 3/11


Tar Sands Rally in Portland Earlier This Year. Almost 1,500 Participated.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,310)

On Monday, March 11 the South Portland City Councill will hear expert testimony  on the current debate about tar sands in the area.  The meeting will be held at the South Portland Community Center, Senior Room, 21 Nelson Road, South Portland.  It starts at 6:00 pm.  A large audience is expected because it has been well  publicized and is a controversial subject.

The Council will hear two 30-minute presentations regarding the possibility of transporting tar sands through the Montreal-POtland pipeline and the potential impacts on South Portland.  The City Council will also welcome public comment on the issue of tar sands.

The first presentation will be by Dylan Voorhees, Clean Energy Director for the Natural Resouces Council of Maine, who will share information regarding spill risks and environmental and health hazards from tar sands.  The City Council will also hear from Larry Wilson, CEO of the Portland Pipe LIne Corporation and others, including a petroleum industry spokesperson, who supports the use of the pipeline to carry tar sands to South Portland for export on tankers.

“We are very pleased that publilc officials and residents of South Portland want to learn more about the risks of tar sands,” said Voorhees.  “Once you understand that tar sands is not like conventional crude oil, it is easy to see why so many Maine people are concerned abaout sending this toxic, spill-prone substance through Maine.  There would be a lot of risk and no real benefit to Maine.”

For more information, please contact Judy Berk, NRCM, 207 – 462-2192 – or Dlan Voorhees, NRCM, 207 – 462, 3221.