Some “Unofficial” Results from Maine Elections; Mills First Women Maine Governor


The Next Governor of Maine AG Janet Mills.

It Was A Real Disappointment that Joey Came so Close to Unseating Too Long Time Councilor Nick Mavadones.  We Are Waiting to See Whether There Will be a Recount.

State Reps. Shanna Bellows and Ben Chipman at  Rally on City Hall Steps.  Both Won Re-election Easily.

Chellie Pingree  at Democratic Caucus Earlier This Year in Portland.

The next Governor of the State of Maine is AG Janet Mills.  The Governor-elect won with 78.43 % of the vote – with 26,191 votes.   Wealthy business owner who was handpicked by the unpopular Governor Paul LePage, Shawn Moody, received 16.9% of the vote with 5,688.  This is seen by most as a  repudiation of LePage and his punitive policies toward many Maine residents.  It’s also viewed as an anti-Trump statement as well.

Returned to Congress from District 1, is Chellie Pingree, (D) with 79.22% of the vote with 26,360 votes.

Easily returned to the state senate from District 27 is Ben Chipman with 14,700 votes and 74% of the vote.  He won easily over Crystal Canney’s 4,949 votes.

Locally, Belinda Ray, from District 1, won with 70.35% of the vote with 3,770 votes.  In District 2, real estate attorney Spencer Thibodeau won with 67.2% of the vote with 4,081votes.  Jon Torsch, a newcomer to politics, received 1,93 votes with 32.48% of the vote.

A heart breaker of a loss for supporters of Joey Brunelle, a Munjoy Hill resident, was the narrow defeat by  “Chicken-little, the sky is falling in” Nick Mavadones.  Mavadones won with only 51.21% of the race with 14,836 votes.  Joey received 48.79% of the vote.

Back when former Mayor MIchael Brennan was running for re-election to the position, Mavadones gave a nasty speech opposed to Brennan and in support of Mayor Ethan Strimling, who did win.  Among other things, Mavadones blamed everything he could think of on Brennan – citing non-existant  problems.   What has Mavadones as a long serving Councilor done him self to fix those alleged problems?  “chicken-little-the-sky-is-falling down” Mavadones.

Brunelle previous ran against another long termer on the city council, Jill Duson.  He finished a close second to Duson – with Bree La Casse, who finished a poor third – serving as a spoiler in a race that Joey might otherwise have run.

Governor-elect Mills has said she will expand Medicaid coverage in Maine as soon as she takes office in January of 2019.  LePage has said he will go to jail before expanding it, despite the voters support of it at the polls.