FIfty-five + Condos Planned for l78 Kennebec Street With Little Parking On-Site


A View of the Proposed New Condo Building for those 55 + on Kennebec Street.

Another View of the Proposed 46 Condo Unit, with one Bedroom, for 55 plus Residents.

An application was filed last week with the city’s planning office for a 46-unit, one-bedroom, seven (7) story condominium for people 55+  by Maine Workforce Housing, LLC.   The proposed project is located at 178 Kennebec Street, and the developer is asking that the address be changed to 100 Parris Street.  That’s because the residential lobby will have an address of 100 Parris Street for mailing, fire and emergency purposes according to the application.

The first-floor retail and artists spaces will be accessed from the Kennebec Street location.

The proposed housing will “provide limited on-site parking and will likely attract residents who do not own vehicles,,,,,project proximity to places of work and entertainment will also encourage walking and alternate modes of transportation, …the relatively small amount of traffic that will be generated by the project is not expected to have a significant effect on the surrounding street network,” the application also said.

The foregoing justification is because only nineteen (19) parking spaces are proposed for this 46-unit building.  (Bummer!)  Three (3) of the aforementioned 19 parking spaces are ADA accessible. The application also says that at least eleven (11) of the units will be ADA units, which will further decrease the number of residents who own vehicles according to the application.  Hence, the above mentioned justification for fewer parking spaces is justified!

Please contact city planner Shukria Wiar at 207 756-8083 for more information.