Secretary Bellows’ Home Swatted; Strimling Interviewed on Cable News on Removal of Trump from Ballot


Secretary of State Shenna Bellows During one of Her Cable News Interviews Following Her Announcement to Remove Mr. Trump From the Republican  Primary Ballot Next March 2024.

Ethan Strimling, Former Portland Mayor, Former Maine State Senator and one of the Challengers to Trump’s Plaement on the Primary Ballot During MSNBC Interview This Evening.

In a sometimes emotional message this afternoon. Secretary of State Shenna Bellows described a swatting+ incident that occurred at her Manchester home last night.  The incident followed her announcement of her decision to remove Trump from the upcoming Republican primary ballot. She and her husband, Brandon,  were away at the time.

The couples’ home address was posted online and threats against the couple escalated.  Their home was “swatted” last night – which was probably a good thing in this instance Bellows stated.  That’s because the swatting evoked a strong response from law enforcement to “scare” the target.

Secretary Bellows continued that “the non-stop threatening communications to the people who work for me and  endured all day yesterday is unacceptable.  It’s designed to scare not only me but also others into silence, to send a message.  I am so gratefull to have such an amazing team of employees at the Department of the Secretary of State.  Brandon and I are grateful for the incredible dedicated support from law enforcement at this time.”

Secretary Bellows encouraged people to de-escalate the rhetoric that surrounds her and her staff.  The dehumnizing “fake images” of her that have been posted online are the “first step for attacks and violence” against the targets.   “We should be able to agree to disagre on importnat issues without threats and violence,” she concluded.

In a cable news interview early this evening, former Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling said that this nation can’t afford to allow bullies like the former president Trump to win re-election.. In response to the interviewer’s question, Strimling  said he is concerned about retaliation from the Bellows decision.  As a former Maine State Senator and the Mayor of Portland. he’s experienced retaliation.  Most people believe the matter of ballot access for Trump will go to the Supreme Court.  “I  hope the Court will be bipartisan and that Justice Thomas will recuse himself on the matter.”  (Justice Thomas’ wife, Ginni, was involved in trying to overturn the Biden Presidency),  Strimling was one of the successful Challengers to remove Trump from  the Republican primary ballot March 5, 2024 in Maine.

+”Swatting is a fake/hoax call to report a ‘serious crime(s)’ to prompt a large emergency service response,” according to Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

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  1. Fortunately there are public servants like Secretary Bellows who have the courage to take a stand on a hot button issue and stand by it. It’s easy to shrug off the action of bullies and quite another matter when you are the target! Stand tall Ms Belllows as you will be judged to be on the right side of history!

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