Scrooge Returns to Florida Throwing Tantrums En Route


Jeff Jordan, of SOPO, Recently Serenading Shoppers on Exchange Street with Christmas Music.

A Christmas Tree of Lobster Traps and Buoys at Mere Point Oyster Co., Brunswick.

This morning Trumpy returned to his Florida estate throwing tantrums in his path as he went.  That’s what Scrooges do.  HIs trantrum was his threat to veto a $900 billion  relief package that all four Congressional leaders agreed to following months of negotiations in which Trumpy was not involved. He stood aside waiting for an opportunity to set off another trantrum so he would once again gain center stage as his days for those stunts are dwindling.

Except he will be on center stage when he is forced to defend himself against the New York State criminal justice system.  AG William Barr won’t be there for him. Tax fraud, bank fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and all the rest will be on trial in New York State.

Trumpy argued that most Americans should receive a direct payment of $2,000, each.  A position that many Democrats support.  A survival kit that Republicans are opposed to.  Trumpy knows that bill is DOA.  That leaves so many millions this Christmas with a frightening and unpredictable future because of Trumpy’s ego and his fear of his future in the New York State court system.

“Yesterday President Trump publicly pushed for $2,000. checks to the American people- the same amount I have fought for since March.  Today, House Democrats proposed a good-faith effort to quickly pass $2,000. checks by the House GOP callously blocked it.  Passing this proposal through unanimous consent would have meant the American people received their survival checks as soon as possible,” said Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) in a press release.

“The COVID relief bill passed on Tuesday is far from perfect and we have a lot more work to do come January.  However, it includes critical support for the American people during this crisis.  If the President vetoes this bill, countless Mainers will go hungry, will be served eviction notices and will have no financial support.  We cannot leave anyone out in the cold,” said Pingree.

The House will reconvene on Monday, December 28, for a roll call vote on a stand-alone bill to increase economic impact payments to $2,000,

“If this is the way Trumpy does business, who in the world would ever want to do business with him again?” asked in a press release issued this morning.

Scrooges are known for their lack of empathy.  self-centeredness, meanness of spirit, greed and a whole host of other undesirable traits.  Trumpy is Scrooge.  Scrooge is Trumpy.