School Days…School Days on the Hill


Marcia Gendron, New Principal at EECS & Gloria Aponte-Clarke Pose at EECS

By Carol McCracken (Pos # 571)

Yesterday afternoon about 200 very warm people attended the third annual Ice Cream Social at East End Community School, 195 North Street on the Hill. It was a back to school event hosted by the school’s Parent Teacher Organization.

“This is a back to school event. It’s time for parents and childen to come back to school after the summer off. Children and their parents can meet their teachers and get reacquainted with school,” said Gloria Aponte-Clarke. She and her husband George have two children at EECS. Gloria is a vice president of the PTO, the hosting organization.

School starts on Tuesday, September 7 for graders 1 through 5th. On September 9th, it starts for those in kindergarden at East End Community School.

Marcia Gendron, the new principal of EECS was present as well, greeting parents and students. Formerly, she was the principal at Reiche Community School, Portland. She served as the Reiche assistant principal and principal since 2000. She holds a Master of Science degree from St. Joseph’s College in school leadership.