Sangillo’s Tavern Prepares for Public Hearing September 11th; Meantime “We Are Open For Business”

Kathleen Sangillo:  "We are open during the appeals process."

Kathleen Sangillo: “We are open during the appeals process.”

Dana Sangillo, Owner of Sangillo's Tavern.

Dana Sangillo, Owner of Sangillo’s Tavern.


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,158)

Attorney Severin Belivieau, of PretiFlaherty, representing  Sangillo’s Tavern, confirmed today that the State has scheduled a public hearing for the Tavern’s license appeal on September 11th at city hall.  “We will be ready for the hearing with witnesses.  It will be an opportunity to challenge the city’s case,” said Belivieau.

On April 7, the city council voted to deny the application for a renewal of a liquor license for the East End bar.   The vote was 5- 4 in favor of not renewing the license. The two women councilors Cheryl Leeman and Jill Duson wanted to renew the license saying that this was the first time in Sangallo’s 60 year history its liquor license had been questioned by the city and it deserved a little more time to rectify the situation. Councilor Duson’s motion to give the Tavern a little more time failed.  Councilor Nick Mavadones said he did not want to put people out of a job.  Councilor Coyne was one of the four voting to renew the license. Councilor Kevin Donoghue, in whose District the business is located,  voted against the renewal of the liquor license.

PretiFlaherty replaced Harry Center shortly after the April 7th city council meeting as law firm  of record. Tim Bryant, of PretiFlaherty, is the case attorney.

“We are open for business.  We are in an appeals process, but that doesn’t change anything,” said Kathleen Sangillo, manager of the historic watering hole at 18 Hampshire Street this morning.  Business has dropped off and Sangillo recently learned why.  Some businesses in the area were under the impression it was closed and have been telling others that.  “It’s simply not true.  We are very open,” said a grinning Sangillo today.  The Tavern is owned by Dana Sangillo who lives in California.  His aunt Kathleen Sangillo manages it for him.

A call to the Liquor Licensing and Enforcement Division in Augusta has not been answered yet.