“Bully” Reopens With Greatly Improved Bar Side Manner


Tom McNichols, a Part-time Bartender, at Sagamore Hill Lounge, 150 Park Street.

Annette & Rob Elowitch,  East End Residents,  Put up a Sign in Support of AG Janet Mills for Maine Governor.

This Blogger’s Position!

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President; His Oyster Bay, NY Home  is  Called Sagamore Hill.

Bully is back! And I don’t mean Governor Paul LePage.  He hasn’t left yet!

Sagamore Hill Lounge, an upscale bar named for one of America’s most popular presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, re-opened this afternoon after a hiatus due to a paperwork snarl  that necessitated its closure this summer.  Earlier this week, the Portland city council renewed its license enabling it to re-open this week.  That was necessary because at the end of August, the bar’s license was temporarily revoked – until the bar could reapply.

Back on July 4, 2018 this blogger panned the recently opened bar for its poor service – it seemed that the servers were more interested in chatting among themselves and with the owner than in providing good service to patrons. Getting their attention was a challenge that I gave up on.   When an error was made in this blogger’s order, no acknowledgement of that error was made or effort to rectify it.  At $10. per gin and tonic, that was the least they could do.

A fresh new breeze arrived at the bar this evening.  His name is Tom McNichols. He’s friendly, gives good service and likes people!  He worked at Sagamore on a part-time basis before the license was rejected, but by next month expects to be working on a full-time basis at Sagamore.  Wednesday – Sunday.  A gin and tonic costs almost $10.00.  That’s too expensive for this blogger’s budget.


Please visit previous posts herein dated July 4, 2018,  August 31, 2018 and September 4, 2018 for background information.