Research Vessel Gambo…………Update # 4


By Carol McCracken

The most recent communication received about the whereabouts of the research vessel Gambo is that she arrived at Nova Scotia  earlier this week. 

According to an email received from one of the crew, Rory, by Phin Sprague, Jr. of Portland Yacht Services, she’ll be arriving at PYS  in Portland “by the 16th of September.”  Sprague confirmed several days ago that could be almost any day now since she’s making very good time from Nova Scotia.

The Gambo is a former luxury sloop built for cruising that was adapted for research in the Artic.  The Gambo, owned by Dr. Alun Hubbard, an expert in glaciology, was funded in large part by NASA to go to the western coast of Greenland to do research on climate change.  This is the first year in a two year research project funded by NASA.

For much more detail on the journey of the Gambo, please see Update # 3, August 22nd on the Munjoy Hill News as well as numerous posts previously.

Also, please google Dr. Alun Hubbard as well as Gambo.