Research Vessel Gambo Sets Fast Pace To Greenland Glacier……..Update # 1

Gambo In Her Cradle at "PYS"

Gambo In Her Cradle at "PYS"

By Carol McCracken

The reseach sailboat Gambo was located hours ago via GPS, 100 miles northeast of Nova Scotia according to a reliable source.  According to the same source, Gambo is making “super fast” progress on her way to the west coast of Greenland. 

The 45 ft. cutter Gambo is on her way to Greenland with 5 crew members aboard to measure the movement of a major glacier as it breaks -up,  at a very fast speed.  The research which is partly funded by NASA is intended to help in the study of climage change.  The owner of Gambo, Dr. Alun Hubbard, is an expert in glaciology and lectures on the subject in Wales.

Gambo left Portland Yacht Services, “PYS”, on July 14 where she’d been in port having substantial work done on her, mostly by the crew,  in preparation for this research trip.  She arrived at PYS on June 17 and had planned on leaving at July 10.  However, due to the delay in receiving all the boat parts, Gambo left four days later than anticipated.  That delay closed the “window” of safe weather in which Gambo can maneuver.

One member of the five person crew is a young woman who teaches high school English in Wells, Maine.  She lives aboard her wooden sailboat Iwalani in Portland Harbor during the summer.

MHN expects to  keep its readers updated of her whereabouts during this scientific and dangerous trip.  For more information, please see two previous articles written by MHN on Gambo.  The first written on June 28 and the more recent on July 15.  You may google Dr. Alun Hubbard and/or Gambo for more interesting details!