REMINDER! East End Neighborhood Cleanup – 5/2 – East End Beach Parking Lot – Please Bring Your Gloves!


From Jill Sady
Edited by Carol McCracken

The first annual EAST END NEIGHBORHOOD CLEANUP happens this Saturday, May 2 from 9:00 A.M. until Noon. If the spirit moves you, please meet Jill Sady and her volunteers at the East End Beach parking lot.

“It’s important that a critical mass show up for this event to be successful,” said Jill, organizer of the event. “We needs lots of hands and feet to get the job done,” she added. Participants are asked to bring their own gloves.

Why not focus some of your renewed spring energy on this most worthwhile project? No matter where on the Hill you live, it’s an opportunity to get together for what is a common purpose: to present the best possible face of our community to the rest of Portland. Let’s show our community spirit on the East End!

For more, please call Jill at 207-318.1371 or visit her at She’ll be pleased to hear from you.