“Rash of Criminal Activity” On The Hill said Officer Gayle Petty….


Pat Eltman, Director Office of Tourism, Officer Gayle Petty, and Barbara M. Whitten, President, Greater Portland Convention and Visitors Bureau at the Marriott Opening

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 314)

In mid-October Officer Gayle Petty took up her new responsibilities as Lead Officer for Sector One (includes the Hill, Kennedy Park and East Bayside).  The initiative was introduced by Chief James Craig to enable officers to work closely with communities in the city and to enhance policing and response by police.

According to Officer Petty yesterday afternoon, the program is working.  She is receiving numerous calls and emails that were listed on this blog on October 13th.  She’s receiving some “very helpful information” from cell phone calls and her email address as well that was made public on MHN.   So, once again her cell phone number is:  650-8770 and her email address is:  gaylep@portlandmaine.gov.  Please keep this information handy, should you need it.

Officer Petty said there has been a “rash of criminal activity” in the past several weeks.  She divides the criminal activity into two classes.  First, there are the drug driven crimes which result in residential burglary and stealing;  laptop computers are targeted here. Entry into homes is often through unlocked doors.  The other crimes are motor vehicle burglaries.  Electronic equiment such as IPods and GPS equipment left visible are the targets here.  Visible valuable items are an invitation to criminals – so cover valuable items up, said Officer Petty.  “And please keep your doors locked as well”, she added.

The Atlantic Street and Morning Street areas of the Hill have been especially hard-hit by criminals, Officer Petty said.