Rally Outside Collins Office Decries Her Support of Trump Tax “Scam”


Mark Klilmek Attended the Rally With a Message for Senator Collins.  To His Right is a Member of Mainers for Accountable Leadership, a non-profit that Has Lead Other Rallies Against the Trump Administration.

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Bill Thomas of Bremen Drove to Portland for the Rally.

Claudine Weatherford & Timothy Wyant, Peaks Island Residents, at the Rally in Portland Today.

Eric Johnson, of New Sharon, at Todays Rally.  It is Expected that the Large Deficit Caused by the Cuts Will Give Trump and His Cronies a “Reason” to Make Serious Reductions to Needed Safety Nets.

Feeling betrayed by Senator Susan Collins’ (R) support of the Trump tax plan, about 150 Mainers rallied outside her Portland office today hoping their presence might cause her to have a change of mind.

Wanna be politicians addressed an already enthusiastic large crowd gathered at the Lobsterman’s Statute at the corner of Temple and Middle Streets at noon today. Sunny skies and  warmish temps may have helped to bring out this crowd from all over the state.

Following the l/2 hour rally, those wishing to do so visited Senator Collins staff across the street in small groups.  It was an opportunity for many to let her staff know of their dissatisfaction with her support of the Senate tax “scam.”

Critics of the tax “scam” say that the unintended consequences will  have to be dealt with for years to come.  Because of the lightning speed with which the bill was rammed through the Senate, mistakes are being discovered – which will cause complications for years to come.  Furthermore,  It is a 20% tax cut for corporations, much lower rates for the wealthiest in the country and a major legislative win for Twisted Trump – something long overdue and necessary to keep large donors like the Koch  Brothers funding their candidacies.

A recent front page article in “The New York Times,” charged that the Trump tax plan “Is also an economic dagger aimed at high-tax, high-cost generally Democratic-leaning areas – most notably New York City and its neighbors.”

“I can understand how people felt desperate for a change, but this is what happens when you get a business man who is trying to run a business not a country,” said Timothy Wyant.  “I am here to ask Senator Collins to kill that final bill and keep her honest to her pledge to work for her constituents.  Fund CHIP now.”  (Childrens Health Insurance Program)

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