Public Safety Committee Votes to Restore Ban On Sale & Use Fireworks Overturned by Maine State Legislature


Councilor Ed Suslovic, Chair of the Public Safety Committee

By Carol McCracken (Post # 852)

The Public Safety Committee voted yesterday afternoon to restore the city’s ban on the sale and use of firearms in Portland. The matter was on the Committee’s agenda for consideration because during the State’s 125th Legislative Secession earlier this year, it voted to lift the ban on the sale and use of firearms.

Driving the change was a comment by Governor LePage that “We are loosing money,” said Public Safety Committee chair Ed Suslovic following the meeting.

In the public law, chapter 416, LD 83, there is a provision that allows municipalities to “adopt an ordinance to prohibit or restrict the sale or use of consumer fireworks within the municipality.” “We may be the first municipality in Maine to restore the ban,” said Suslovic.

The matter now goes to the City Council for its consideration.