Public Art Committee Accepts “Herd of Deer” For Entryway to Jetport; Gift From Arts Patron William D. Hamill Received With Gratitude


“Scratching Doe from the Wendy Klemperer Wildlife Collection”][/caption]

June LaCombe, at the Public Art Committee Meeting, on Wednesday

By Carol McCracken (Post # 841)

The entryway to the International Jetport is a calming passage from traffic congestion into the bustle of a newly expanded Jetport. The pastoral transistion was part of the purpose of the design of the International Parkway said Paul Bradbury, Director of the Portland International Jetport, at the Public Air Committee meeting this past Wednesday afternoon.

Bradbury supported June LaCombe in her presentation to the Committee of a proposal that a gift of a herd of six deer plus a howling wolf and a prickly porcupine be sited at the entryway to the Jetport to enchance the desired pastoral environment. The sculptures are made of welded steel – all of which the artist recylced from scrapyards. The sculptures, if approved by the city council next month, will be secured by welding three of the feet to rebar rods imbedded in concrete footings. Maintenance of the sculptures which includes mowing will be done by airport maintenance staff – in more complicated circumstances the artist, the highly regarded Wendy Klemperer, may be consulted. The Herd of Deer has been dislayed at the Audobon Society in Falmouth. Please see review of the Klemperer show at Maine Audubon: 201006-03.html

Several members of the Committee were uncertain as to the appropriateness of placing a howling wolf near a herd of a deer. Lacombe responded that is not “vicious” wolf, but just a wolf being itself. The exact placement of the wolf and the porcupine have yet to be determined.

“This is Bill Hamill’s legacy to the State of Maine,” said Lacombe as the presentation ended on a high note. A senior citizen, he served on the Portland Museum of Art Board and is a prolific collector of art.

It is expected that the city council will approve this gift next month so it will be in place for the grand opening of the airport expansion celebration in the fall.

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