Protest to Protect the Mueller Investigation Tomorrow Afternoon in Portland


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You are encouraged to participate in a protest in support of protecting the on-going Mueller investigation.  The protest is set for tomorrow, Thursday, November 8th, at Monument Square in downtown Portland.  It starts at 5:00 pm.

Portland activists will join a nationwide protest in support of protecting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the ‘Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The protests come in response to President Trump installing longtime ally Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General, taking over oversight of the Mueller investigation immediately from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

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Those gathering demand that Whitaker recuse himself given his conflicts of interest and previous statements attacking the investigation.

The protests come just one day after Congressional Democrats won back control of the US House on a promise to investigate the Trump administration and President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The nationwide protest is being organized by a coalition of hundreds of public interest organizations.  There are at least 1,000 protests planned nationwide with all states participating in the event. The effort was initiated by Marie Follayttar of Maine for Accountable Leadership who partnered with Suit Up Maine and Jennifer Jones of March Forth.

“Among other things, this wave election in Maine is a massive repudiation of the authoritarianism of Donald Trump.  Even in victory we know that a constitutional crisis looms as Trump gets ready to fire Rosenstein and Mueller.  Once awake, we will never go back to sleep and we intend to be out here flooding the streets to protect the Mueller investigation and our democracy from the Russians,” wrote Dini Merz, co-director of MFAL PAC.

ll/8/2018 – 3:30 pm.  CNN just reported that Matt Whitaker previously was an outspoken critic of the Mueller investigation as a tv commentator there and a private citizen.  He called for reducing the budget enough to make it impossible for the investigation to continue to function.  His public antipathy alone should disqualify him to serve in  this role because it requires a non-partisan to start with. It’s also been reported today on CNN that Whitaker has no intention of recusing himself for those comments, he has said.  It’s  also reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has begun writing his final report on the Russian investigation.  That was expected. Whittaker has also said he will reject any subpoena for Trump from the Mueller investigation.  Some cable television commentators have said that Whitaker has been “auditioning” for this job for many months, despite his past and on-going run ins with the DOJ itself.

The choice of Whitaker to replace AG Jeff Sessions is highly unusual.  Normally, the position goes to the Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein.  The “fake” Acting AG Whitaker has not been approved by the Senate for this position and that is illegal. Senator Lindsay Graham and former NJ Governor Christie may be considered for the position permanently.

Washington, DC attorney George Conway III,  called the firing of Jeff Sessions “unconstitutional” and “illegal.”  He is the husband of Kelly Ann Conway, advisor to Trump.