President Biden Delivers Historic Speech Supporting Ukraine and Democracy in Warsaw


President Biden Delivers Keynote Speech in front of Warsaw Castle – Praising the Polish People For Their Role in Helping Ukranians.

The Outdoor Scene in Warsaw, Poland Moments Before President Biden Gave hi Historic Address. In the Background is Warsaw Castle. a State Museum That Once Served as the Official Royal Residene of Polish Monarchy.  It is the 15th Most Visited Art Museum in the World. Some Estimated the Crowd as up to 30,000 to Hear President Biden.

President Joseph Biden delivered a historic speech supporting Ukraine and Democracy from an international platform in Warsaw, Poland this morning.

From the front steps of Warsaw Castle, Biden in his 1/2 hour speech late this morning, reaffirmed America’s commitment to Ukraine in its war with Russia, reaffirmed NATO’s commitment to the struggle for freedom against Putin, and gave  a huge “THANK YOU” to Poland for its role in taking in refugees from war torn Ukraine.  The Polish people have absorbed almost 2 million refugees from Ukraine – into their homes and not into tent communities.

At the outset of his keynote speech coming almost on the first anniverary of Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, President Biden reminded the world that Putin believed his invasion of Ukraine would be over within several days of its start and that the democracies of the world would face a test – a test the free world would surely fail.

Putin believed that NATO was not strong enough to stay unitied in its opposition to the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin was wrong.  Almost one year later, the free world did respond.  The free world will not look the other way at the atrocities launched on Ukraine by him.  Putin thought the free world would “roll over” Biden said.  “He was wrong. Democracy is too strong.”  Biden went on to say that NATO is more united than ever.  Putin thought we were weak, but he was wrong Biden told the thousands packed into the park in front of the Warsaw Castle in front of him. Putin no longer doubts our support for Ukraine and that we will not waiver from that support.  “Freedom is at stake here,” Biden said.  “Autocrats understand only one word:  NO.”

“I speak to the people of Russia,” said President Biden countering recent remarks made by Putin that his invasion of Ukraine was the fault of the US.  “We do not seek to attack or destroy Russia.  This war was never a necessity, but a tragedy.  Democracy lifts up the human spirit while autocrats like Putin knock it down.  There is no sweeter word than freedom.”

Near the end of his speech, President Biden promised that new sanctions with freedom partners will be announced soon to hold accountable those responsible for this illegal war on the soverign Ukraine.  Biden also announced that an observation of an upcoming anniversary of NATO will be held in the US.  “An attack against one of us is an attack against us all,” Biden repeated the motto of NATO in his ending remarks of this historic address in Warsaw that was heard worldwide.

President Biden’s approval rate in Poland is almost 90%.