Gondola at DiMillo’s Restaurant Hopes for Noon Opening of Extended First Friday Walk

Gondola Being  Erected at DiMillo's Today.

Gondola Rising at DiMillo’s Parking Lot.



By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,109)

Early this morning a crew from Smokey’s Greater Shows, Inc. arrived at the parking lot at DiMillos’s on Commercial Street on the waterfront and began erecting the gondola that will be used to give visitors to Portland  a ride.  Weather depending, Jeanette Gilmore, company owner said she hopes the ride will open at noon tomorrow.  Each passenger will cost $5. and she wasn’t sure how long each ride will last; that depends partly on how long the lines are.  Gondola rides will be available Friday through Sunday – weather permitting.

A less advertised performance will be given Friday, June 6th from 6:45 pm – 7:15 pm by the Bates Dance Festival in the Atrium of the Portland Public Library on Congress Street.  The performance is for adults.  A consortium of six Maine dancers affiliated with the Bates Dance Festival will perform, “Horses,” a new work created by Alternativa, the San Francisco duo of choreographer Kathleen Hermesdorf and composer Albert Mathias.  The piece celebrates the current Year of the Horse by manifesting the restless grace inherent in the creature itself.  Viewers will be asked to watch the performance from out front of the venue.

The City has worked-up a striking brochure to be used as a self-guided tour of the waterfront for Saturday. It is available at various locations throughout the city including city hall.

And, of course, the Old Port Festival is on Sunday!