Portlanders Wait a Cold Hour to Vote at Merrill Auditorium


Scott Walker, an English Teacher, Stands in a Long Line to Vote This Afternoon.  (He Made Clear he is not a Former Governor – Phew)!

A Line of People Waiting to Vote Late This Afternoon at the Myrtle Street Entrance to Merrill Auditorium.  The Line Extended on the Entire Front of City Hall on Congress Street as Well.  The Wait was One Hour to Vote.

Erin Daogheny, who works in the Male Dominated Construction Business, on Myrtle Street today Waiting in Line to Vote.

Toni Gallie, (R) with her mother, (L) Waiting in a Long Line to Vote Today.  (Did I get the names right)?

Jacob Harris: “I agree with everything that Scott Walker just said.”

“I would stand out in the freezing cold to get rid of this clown.  He lies, he’s a  crook,  He’s a sociopath.  He believes the rules don’t apply to him,” said Scott Walker, as he stood in a long and cold line to vote at Merrill Auditorium late today.  He’d already been waiting about 45 minutes in the cold to vote and estimated it would take him another fifteen minutes before he could cast his vote for the Biden/Harris ticket.

Walker said he didn’t vote by mail because he “was worried about the legitimacy of mail delivery.  It’s slow,” he said.  Others standing in line behind him nodded in agreement.   “I agree with everything Scott said.  Trump doesn’t care about others,” said Jacob Harris, standing several people in line from Walker.  (See below right photo of Jacob).

“I asked for an absentee ballot and didn’t get one,” said Holly Nunan, who was standing in line with a friend for support.  “It happened to a lot of people.”  That’s why they were standing in line with a long wait ahead of them.

“As a female and environmentalist, I think a lot of our rights are on the line this year.  There’s a big difference between the candidates.  I’m voting for Biden.  My husband is supporting Trump.  There have been a lot of heated discussions between us.  He thinks that the left has gone too far and they are trying to tear down the constitution,” said Toni Gallie who was standing in a long line that had extended around the corner of Myrtle Street to Congress Street, in front of city hall. (See below left photo).

Farther down Congress Street was John who works for a hospital:  “I work with a lot of people of color and they’ve been really scared for a long time with the Trump Administration.”  His family is divided over Trump – he’d like to see “normal” return to national politics.

“It’s very important to vote this time.  I remember how it felt the last time,” said Jessica referring to the 2016 presidential election.  “It was disappointing when Trump won.”  She was waiting on Congress Street and had been waiting for about 30 minutes, knowing it would take about a full hour before she got to vote.

“I don’t want Trump to be re-elected.  I think he’s a very scary person as president.  He’s a borderline dictator,” said Erin Daogheny, who works in the construction business.  (See above right photo of Erin).

No one supporting Super Spreader Trumpy stepped up to make a case for his re-election.  Sixty-two million voters have already voted as of today.