Portland Receiving Over $4 Million from State for Proposed Emergency Shelters


Kevin Bunker, of Developers Collaborative, is Expected to be Involved in the 90 Blueberry Road Development.  Bunker is the Developer of the New Portland Homeless Shelter, 654 Riverside Street, Portland, Where this Photo was Taken Earlier This Week at the Grand Opening.

MaineHousing announced yesterday that it has awarded more than $16.3 million in grant funding for 17 different housing and shelter projects around the state of Maine.  All funded projects are expected to be operational by autumn of 2023.  More than 35 organizations applied for the funding and after careful consideration 17 entities were included in the final funding announcement according to a press release from MaineHousing.

The four non-profits in Portland set to receive this funding are: $4 million has been awarded to The Center for Regional Prosperity for a new 280-bed shelter at 90 Blueberry Road,  Portland; $2 million to Community Housing of Maine for a 12-bed supportive housing project  for pregnant women experiencing homelessness; $571,000. to Through These Doors to expand shelter space to serve up to 20 survivors of domestic violence; $145,000, to Greater Portland Peer Services to provide outreach and housing guidance to unsheltered individuals.

These funds have been distributed across eight of nine Regional Hubs, which are being established as part of the ongoing effort to redesign Maine’s Homelessness Response System.

“These are substnatial grants that will go towards creating essential new resources and shelter infrastructure in parts of the state currently lacking them,” said MaineHousing Director Daniel Brennan.  “Much of the funding is also going to communities that have long helped serve Mainers who are experiencing homelessness and will help those important partners expand their capacity as well.”

The funding for these projects come from Governor Janet T. Mills’ Winter Emergency Energy Relief Plan, which passed with the broad bipartisan support of the Maine Legislature in January.

“I am grateful for the communities and organizations who responded to this important call and applaud MaineHousing for working so quickly to award this funding” said Governor Mills. “Addressing Maine’s shortage of available accessible housing and reducing burdens on communities to ensure safe, stable housing are priorities of my Administration, and we will continue to work with MaineHousing, the Legislature, municipalities and others to further address this serious need.”