Portland Police Report Fewer Overdose Cases From Last Year


Portland Police Chief Frank T. Clark, at a Recent Event at Congress Square Park.  He is Leaving this Post as of November 1, 2021 for a Position in the Private Sector.

Between January 1st and August 30th, 2021 there were 175  reported overdose cases reported – about one overdose every 30 hours – 14 of which were fatal according to a press release from the Portland Police Department last week.

In 75% of the overdoses this year, narcan was used.  A quarter of those who overdosed were saved by Portland Police officers using nasal narcan to revive the person.  In most cases, the rapid use of narcan is the difference between life and death.

At this time last year – January 1 – August 30, the city experienced 208 overdoses, 27 of which were fatal.

No reason for the decline in cases was offered by the Portland Police Department.