Portland Company Rezoning Proposal to be Reviewed on Munjoy Hill 1/8/15


IMG_0829By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,267)

You are invited to attend a presentation of the city’s planners on the rezoning proposal and related matters for the mixed-use redevelopment for the Portland Company on Thursday, January 8th, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the East End Community School, 195 North Street on Munjoy Hill.  The meeting is an opportunity to learn more about the rezoning and is being hosted by the Soul of Portland, a newly created non-profit.

The Soul of Portland has published a  list of its own concerns that it wants answers to.  However, the “city will present the rezoning proposals from the developer, some basics about the relevant portions of the city’s Comprehensive Plan and an outline of the proposed process for reviewing the project before various boards,” according to an email from Jeff Levine, the city’s Planning Director.  “We will answer questions about the proposed project and the city’s review process.”

The Soul of Portland would like to create a web page which has not yet been started.  Donations for its creation are welcome.  Donations may be mailed to:  Soul of Portland, c/o Pat Tryon, Treasurer, 1 St. Lawrence Street, Portland, ME. 04101

The developer CPB2 LLC, will be attending its third planning board workshop in January on the zoning matter before it. Developers are requesting a zoning change to comply with the Eastern Waterfront Master Plan.  The first meeting was in October 2014.  When the city adopted the zoning changes on the adjacent property, the then owner of the property did not want to comply with those zoning changes.  This development team intends to integrate many of the historical elements of the Portland Company into its redevelopment.  Jim Brady, a member of the Greater Portland Landmarks and a member of the development team, is currently transforming the former offices of the “Portland Press  Herald” newspaper into the “Press  Herald” – a  boutique hotel for which he is retaining the historical significance of the building.

Please email: info@soulofportland.org for more information.