Portland Area Rated 8th For Number of Restaurants Per Capita; by Huffington Post


FIGA, Open for Art Bar, 2/2/13.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,284)

The Portland-Lewiston area was recently  ranked  eighth in the nation for the number of restaurants per capita.  The ranking came from Huffington Post, an on-line magazine  who identified the top metro regions in the country with the highest number of restaurants per capita.  Juneau, Alaska topped the list.  Following Portland were New York City, Panama City and Myrtle Beach.  In 2009, Bon Appetit magazine named Portland the Foodiest Small Town in America.

“Portland’s restaurant scene is an important part of the economy and culture and for anyone who has dined in the city, they would agree that the industry is well deserving of national attention,” remarked City of Portland Mayor Michael Brennan.  “For those who look beyond the numbers, you’ll find an industry that is dieverse and unique, reflecting the special qualities of Portland.  The industry’s impact reaches well into the bay with many establishments adopting sustainable food practices that support local farms and fishermen,” the Mayor said in a press release.

By the way, this post is an opportunity to remind readers of the Art Bar event at FIGA tomorrow, Saturday February 2, 2013.   It runs from 4:30 ’til close and has a cash bar.   It’s the place to be to await the results of the Ground Hog appearance in Punxsy, PA!  (FIGA may be hard to see due to scaffolding in front  because of on-going roof replacement work.  Just look for the orange sign.)

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