Portand’s 21st Police Chief Sworn in Today at Outdoor Ceremony at Headquarters


Mark DBois was Sworn in today as POrtand’s 21st Police Chief at Outdoor Ceremony at Polilce Headquarters, on Middle Street.

Mark Dubois, Portland’s 21st Police Chief, was sworn in today in a hot outdoor ceremony at Police Headquarters just after 11:00 am. .He’d served as the Chief of Police in the town of Braintree, Massachusetts since 2019,

An introductory speaker noted that  this is a critical time to be swearing in a new police chief. There has been an increae in violence and retention of police officers has been an issue – two significant issues that Chief Dubois will have to face.when he starts his new post on Monday, July 31, 2023.

Mayor Kate Snyder called today a Day of Celebration as this move will bring “greater stability”: where it has been lacking in recent years by the turnover of Portland Police Chiefs.   The Mayor pointed out that Chief Dubois is “used to working with diverse communities” – an asset as Portland has become more diverse in part because of its influx of asylum seekers in the city.  The two most recent chiefs, Chief Frank Clark and Interim Chief J Heath Gorham, left the city’s employ for private sector positions after brief tenures in Portand.

In his acceptance remarks, Chief Dubois said he recognized the challenges before him in his new position.  He said that the support he has received in this transition has been “incredible.”  He recognized his wife, Heather, and their children “who have been put through the wringer” during his career in  law enforcement.  The Chief acknowledged the support he received from a contingent of the Braintree, Massachusetts police department who attended today’s ceremony in the hot outdoor plaza beside police headquarters.  Part of that contingent included his Braintree successor.  Chief Dubois also acknowledged neighbors from his Ocean Park community in the town of Old Orchard Beach.  Years ago the Chief purchased a summer cottage there  which he has since converted into a year round home where he now lives.

Following the ceremony, Chief Dubois said that his greatest immediate challenge is the recruitment of new officers.  He stated that the Portland Police department is down about 25 officers.  “There are many factors that contribute to the situation.  It’s not just a local issue. It’s a national issue as well,” he said.

Mike Robles, an Ocean Park neighbor, said that the new chief has all the qualities needed for this position.  “Chief Dubois is level-headed, reasonable, patient and smart,” he said.

Just how hot was it in the plaza beside police headquarters on Middle Street this morning?  Hot enough to melt the chocolate decorations  on the cookes on the buffet table for the reception following the brief swearing-in  ceremony – and that’s realy hot!

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