Poliquin Owes $9,560. From Recount Since the Outcome Didn’t Change.


Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap has announced the final costs of the recount of ballots in the November 6, 2018 General Election US House of Representatives Congressional District 2 race.

The cost for the Secretary of State to conduct the recount is $2,446.16 and the Maine State Police costs related to ballot transportation is $12,114.36, for a total cost of $14,560.52.

Per Maine law, requesting candidate Bruce Poliquin (R) is responsible for the state’s actual cost to conduct the recount, as it did not change the outcome of the election. Poliquin had already submitted a deposit of $5,000. leaving a balance of $9,560. 52 due.

The recount took place in Augusta and was terminated by Poliquin after 165,000 of the 296,000 ballots cast had been recounted by hand. The official tabulation of the CD2 race stands, showing candidate Jared Golden (D) with 142,440 votes and Bruce Poliquin (R) with 138,931 votes.

Will Poliquin pay up or find a way to get out of it?