Police Arrest Suspect in Weekend Fire at Portland Musum of Art


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,742)

Robert Johnson, 19, of Portland was arrested last night at 9:00 pm, Sunday, March 23, and charged with the Class A crime of Arson.  He was arrested at the intersection of Congress and Center Streets.

Johnson is charged with setting a fire moments earlier at the rear of the Portland Museum of Art.  The fire was quickly extinguished by the Portland Fire Department before any significant damage was done.  A second person with Johnson was interviewed by police and released.  This case remains under investigation.

The Portland Police Department and the Fire Departments are investigating to determine if this incident is connected to a series of trash can and dumpster fires that occurred over the weekend. Beginning late Friday night and ending Saturday night fires were reported on Center Street, Forest Avenue, Commercial Street and Congress Street.  In most cases fires were contained to dumpsters and city trash cans and damage was minimal.

Please contact the Portland Police Department at 874-8533 if you have any information on any of these fires.