Polar Bear Dip – Friday, 1/2/09, East End Beach


By Carol McCracken

A few hardy members of the staff of the Natural Resources Council of Maine will kick off the first ever Polar Bear Dip in the frigid waters at East End Beach on Friday, January 2, 2009 at noon. The event is a fundraiser for the organization as well as a celebration of its upcoming 50th anniversary in 2009. Fifty events are planned around the state in conjunction with its anniversary celebration.

The Council, based in Augusta, is the State’s leading environmental non-profit here. It addresses issues such as global warning, protecting the north words, protecting rivers, lakes and streams of the State as well as energy projects.

A spokesperson for the non-profit Stacie Haines said that she doesn’t imagine the event will last long as the participants will “jump in and right out again.” If you have a hardy constitution and want to support the issues that are of interest to this non-profit, supporting these Dippers with warm hearts and some cold cash in this frigid weather would be welcome!

For more information, please call Stacie (a former Hill resident) at (207) 622-3101 in Augusta.

According to the City of Portland, no dips are scheduled for New Year’s Day, 1/1/09 at East End Beach. Other Dips have started out here and graduated to larger beaches to accommodate all the dippers and supporters.