Planning Board Workshops Last Night at City Hall


Proposal to Convert Parking Lot into Nine Unit Condominium at 130 Morning Street, Munjoy Hill.

Bill Simpson, Owner of 263 Cumberland Avenue With His Architect Ryan Senatore at Last Night’s Planning Board Meeting.

Tom Landry and his development team, d/b/a Northeast Turner LLC.,  presented a proposal to convert a parking lot at 130 Morning Street on Munjoy Hill into a nine unit, four-story condominium.

Following a review of Landry’s other projects in the area, Will Savage of Acorn Engineering said the proposed building is not out of wack with other residences in the area. Chair Sean Dundon, said there is no separation of the floor space to the rest of the building, and that the color of the building is “off-putting.”

Director of the planning board Christine Grimado said that there is currently a historic designation process on-going, but that this is not subject to any review for that plan.

Board member David Eaton was not satisfied with the landscape plan and wanted a more comprehensive one.  He also said that the building still “feels cold” and “aloof from the neighborhood.”  Board member Maggie Stanley said the “windows and building” don’t relate to the neighborhood.  It needs to be workshopped a lot more.”

Bill Simpson, d/b/a Downtown Lodging, LLC., gave a brief overview of his plan to demolish the existing lodging building at 263 Cumberland Avenue on the east end of Portland and rebuild  it with 89 lodging rooms.  Simpson formerly owned the HIlltop Convenience store at the corner of North and Congress Streets on Munjoy Hill.

(There’s more, but I don’t know where my notes are right now)!