Piscataquis County Commission Condemns Governor’s COVID-19 Policies


Yes. “This was Preventable” is a Message that Applies to Much in the News These Days!

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The Commissioners of Piscataquis County have issued a Resolution of Protest condemning the policies enacted by Governor Janet T. Mills and her administration and stating that these policies should be lifted.  Significantly, the Resolution is pre-dated January 19, 2021, the date of the next meeting in Dover-Foxcroft of the county’s governing body.

The list of alleged grievances against the Governor is long. But among them the Resolution of Protest alleges that the Governor’s policies defy the Constitution of the United States and the State of Maine Constitution.  With no evidence presented or referred to in the Resolution, Commissioners allege that “face coverings and lock-downs only worsen and lengthen the time of the virus’ track through the population.”  The Resolution of Protest also alleges with no evidence in support of such claims, that face masks “cause respiratory disease and pneumonia, with far worse devastation to the populace” than COVID-19 causes.

Prove it, Commissioners!

Is this pre-dated Resolution to be adopted and acted upon by the Commissioners of Piscataquis County on January 19th?  MHN.com finds the timing interesting.  It comes on the heels of the insurrection by thugs in the nation’s capitol for which the House of Representatives has impeached Trumpy.  MHN.com hopes that Trumpy will be convicted by the Senate probably starting later this week and that he will never be able to run for political office again in the US – maybe Russia or Turkey – but not in the US.

Piscataquis County consistently has a population substantially under 20,000 people with a median income of $37,110..