Pink Yarn Rules as Marchers Knit Hats for Historic Event


Some of the Medium Weight Pink Yarn Used to Knit the “PussyHats”at KnitWit Yarn Shop on Munjoy Hill.

Kathryn Yates, Organizer of the Portland March Set for Saturday, January 21st.

This Yarn Shopper at KnitWit Bought Enough to Knit  a “PussyHat” for the Washington, DC Women’s March Saturday, January 21st.

Yarn shops all over the northeastern United States are struggling to keep sufficient supplies of pink yarn in stock to meet the demand of knitters.  It’s not just because of the cold weather gripping the region – it’s more about the demand for pink yarn from Marchers participating in the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.  and cities all over the eastern United States.  Dubbed the “pussyhat”, they are all the rage,

Portlanders need not leave Portland to be a Marcher in this anti-Trump rally set for January 21st.  Beginning at 10:30 am., Marchers will leave the juncture of Congress Street and the Eastern Promenade (near the monument) and travel down Congress Street to the Congress Square Park.

Arrival time at the Park is anticipated to be around noon – to 1:00 pm.  Plans for speakers are still on-going.  It happens – rain or shine – there is no snow date. (Please see previous post dated January 11, 2017 herein for more information on the Portland March.)

The “pussyhats” are a positive statement for women opposed to the Trump agenda. Although it’s considered a derogatory word, its now an attempt to engender the respect that The Donald Elect failed to demonstrate toward women and others during the recent tumultuous campaign for President.

The owner of a Munjoy Hill yarn shop, KnitWit, 247 Congress Street,  said today that her sales of pink yarn have been unusually high.  “I’ve ordered pink yarn several times,”  although she wouldn’t say how many times. “The free on-line pattern calls for a medium weight, but, knitters are getting creative using different weights.”

The pattern for the pussyhats  can be found under ravelry or try the pussyhatproject on-line.  There is still time to get knitting – get your pussyhat on!

For more information on the Portland March, please contact organizer Kathryn Yates at or at 207 249-0750