Pingree & Colleagues Urge Biden to Declare a National Climate Emergency


Rep. Chellie Pingree (D) & Colleagues Urge President Biden to Declare Climate Ccisis Emergency.

Any Questions?

Sixty-one members of the US House sent a letter to President Biden urging him to declare a national climate emergency.  In the letter, the members write that the scope and urgency of the climate crisis merits the full power of the executive branch in the form of an emergency declaration according to a press release issued by Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s (D) office today.

“A national emergency declaration will allow the US to mobilize domestic industry, ramp up domestic manufacturing of clean energy technologies and deploy resilient energy infrastructure,” the members wrote.  “The recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine underscores the need to shift from reliance on oil and gas toward domestic renewable energy.  We have the tools to build up a stronger renewable energy industry in America, generating millions of high-quality American jobs and rejuvernating our post-pandemic economy.”

The Climate Emergency Act of 2021 is a bill that directs the President to declare a national emergency with respect to climate change and would among other things:  invest in large scale mitigation and resilience projects and combat environmental injustice.

The letter to the President is a follow-up to his highly publicized press conference yesterday from a hot and steamy Massachusetts in which he announced his climate change policy.  However, it failed to satisfy the expectations of progressives who were looking for the President to declare a climate emergency.  That would have permitted him to take more drastic steps to curb climate change.  Some reasoned that his cautiousness was an effort to prevent additional alienation by Republicans as well as Kentucky congressman Joe Manchin (D).

The self-serving Machin has refused to support the President’s budget because it contains  climate change legislation. Manchin  owns a coal mine from which he has benefited financially significantly.