Pingree Responds to Trump’s Latest Plan to Restrict Food to Those Who Need it Most


Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) at a Democratic Caucus Where She Received a Standing Ovation.

Commissioner of the Maine DHHS is Opposed to This Proposed Rule of Trump.

The elimination of automatic enrollment in the SNAP program is the latest effort of Trump to punish the poor and show his power over the powerless as only this insecure person would. Inflicting this latest mean-spirited policy on those who need it most is just one more example of the cruelty Trump has distributed among the population of US citizens as well as immigrants at the southern border of the US.

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-ME) just released the following statement regarding the Trump Administrations newest plan to restrict food assistance for millions, including 44,000 Mainers:

“The Trump Administration clearly does not understand that for millions of people SNAP is a lifeline.  At a time when one in five children in Maine does not have enough to eat, the loss of food assistance and automatic enrollment in reduced school meal programs would be devastating.  This misguided rule ignores the complexities of food insecurity and will punish millions of people living on the poverty line.”

Where do you suppose Senator Collins (R) stands on this issue?  We’ll never know because she is consistently afraid to stand up to King Trump.

Public comment will be taken by the Trump administration until September 23.  It will take several months probably to go into effect.