US Rep. Pingree Comments on Two of Donald-Elect Appointments

President-elect Donald Trump's Appointments are Causing Bipartisan Concern.

President-elect Donald Trump’s Appointments are Causing Bipartisan Concern.

US Congresswoman Chellie Pingree is Concerned About Trump's Appointments To Date.

US Congresswoman Chellie Pingree is Concerned About Trump’s Appointments To Date.

Carol McCracken

This morning President-‘Elect Donald Trump announced that Rex W. Tillerson, chief executive of EXXONMobil, is his choice for Secretary of State in his upcoming administration that begins next month.  His deal-making for the energy company and his close-ties to Vladimir Putin have been heralded by The Donald-Elect  as unique qualifiers for the position.  Not everyone agrees,obviously.

“In itself, Rex Tillerson’s lack of experience in foreign policy and diplomatic relations raises serious questions that should be examined closely.  But what’s most concerning right now is his close connection to Russia.  With all that we are discovering about Russia’s work to sway the outcome of our election,it is deeply troubling to see a possible Secretary of State who not only has ongoing business interests in Russia, but a personal closeness to Vladimir Putin.  I urge my colleagues in the Senate to look at all of these questions very closely,” US Representative Chellie Pingree (D) wrote in a press release,

The news that the President-Elect Trump will likely appoint former Governor Rick Perry, Texas, to run the Department of Energy, caused Pingree to write in a separate press release today:

“As Maine is already dealing with the effects of climate change, it’s crucial that our country move away from fossil fuels while promoting energy efficiency and develop sources of clean, renewable power.  The Department of Energy has a key role in these efforts, Over the last eight years, the agency’s investments have been vital in advancing exciting projects in Maine, from the University of Maine’s development of an offshore wind turbine to Ocean Renewable Power Company’s tidal generators. With his fondness for fossil fuels, denials of climate change and past proposals to disband the Department of Energy outright, I think Governor Perry will take our energy policy and economy in the wrong direction.”

Where are King and Collins on these matters?