Pingree Blasts Approved Impeachment Drive by House Republicans


Hunter Biden, Speakaing in Front of the US Senate that He would Testify in a Public Setting, But Not Behind Closed Doors Where Republicans Can Twist the Truth in His Testimony.

After the Republican-led House late today approved a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden without any evidence, Maine’s Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) released the following statement:

“House Republicans’ drive to impeach President Biden is based on zero evidence.  After months of committee investigations and fishing expeditions, House Republilcans have uncovered no proof of criminal or actionable conduct by the President.  The probes have been so unsuccessful and so farcial that Republicans have now resorted to holding their hearings in secret, behind closed doors, to avoid embarrassment.  Republicans are even refusing to release transcripts of these hearings.  It would be laughable if the matter at hand were not so momentus.  America and the world face a litany of urgent challenges at our doorstep.  House Republicans are ignoring them to instead focus our precious time on attacking the President and his family to gratify the demands of Donald Trump and far-right extremists.  It is outrageous and all Americans should know it.  This shameful partisan impeachment does not do one single positive thing, but it is an appropriate bookend to the least productive congressional session in modern history foisted by House Republicans.”

In an interview on MSNBC cable news this evening, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) told the interviewer that Republicans voted this way to please Donald Trump.  It’s an effort to hurt President Biden because Trump knows he loves his son, Hunter.  Schiff said that Republicans have no official agenda on issues such as housing, the climate and other matters of importance to US citizens.  So, Republicans are hoping to “muddy” the water by this vote of 221-212 in the House today.


4 thoughts on “Pingree Blasts Approved Impeachment Drive by House Republicans

  1. Carol’s article captures the story perfectly as there is zero evidence of wrong doing by President Biden! Nevertheless, Republicans will charge ahead with their hoax just to please Trump. Republican Abraham Lincoln must be whirling in his grave at the deterioration of his once proud party!

  2. Collins is in the Senate, not the House, so pretty sure she couldn’t vote on the impeachment inquiry.

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