East End Mural Inspired by Philly Muralist Says Building Owner

A Detail of the Mural Shows Boats and a Close-up of a Dory; the Boaats are Named for the daughters of both Freddie Salisbury and Susan B. Rice.

A Detail of the Mural Shows Boats and a Close-up of a Dory; All Named for the Granddaughters of Freddie Salisbury and Two Daughters of Susan B. Rice. (Aamelia & Helen are the Two Daughters of Rice.)

img_5613By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,544)

“There are lots of big old buildings like this one in Philly,” said Freddie Salisbury, as she stood beside a big old building at the corner of Washington Avenue and Congress Street several weeks ago – 223 Congress Street.

The building houses the SNUG bar on the first floor and is co-owned by Freddie and her son Mike, of Philadelphia. With Freddie was Susan B. Rice, a talented Maine artist selected by Mike to paint a mural on the wall of SNUG.  (See right photo  of Freddie Salisbury and artist Susan B. Rice in front of mural on the East End of Portland earlier this month.)

“Philadelphia is loaded with murals.  They make this look like a postage stamp. ,” said Salisbury.laughing.  She was referring to the nationally known mural artist Isaiah Zagar, ,

Zagar, 76, has two major venues that display his ceramic art work.  The first one is the Magic Garden – an and gallery space built on two vacant lots adjacent to his studio according to his webpage. The other public venue for  his creativity are the more than one hundred (100) buildings displaying his mosaic murals.  His work is also displayed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and the Hirshorn Museum, in Washington, D.C.

The mural, 20 x 60,  is almost completed; a protective coat is yet to be applied by artist Susan B. Rice.  Please see previous post herein for more backgruond information dated September 21, 2016.