“Perfect Maine Day” Brings Everyone Out to Enjoy It


Running Past the Second Annual Block Party at Running With Scissors Was This Group From the “Hash  House Harriers!”

A Third Wave Came Through With the Young Man on the Right Showing Some Leg!

The low humidity and cooler temperatures did wonders for the morale of many who spent the day outside – especially on a Saturday.  Whether it was time spent at the beaches, biking, walking or running or whatever!

The Hash House Harriers ran past the Running with Scissors Block Party, Anderson Street, in a number of different waves.  The photo at left was the second wave to come through.

“We are drinkers with a running problem,” said several of them, without identifying themselves.  They drink and run and then drink again and …..

“We’ve been to one bar only so far.  We support local businesses by drinking at them, with their permission,” said a laughing Speed Wanker – that’s what he SAID his name is!

There was another name not to be forgotten:  Leg Over Easy.   That’s what she SAID her name is!  And then they were gone – in a flash – just as they arrived.