Payson Park Music Festival Postponed Until July 2024 by Portland City Council


Friends of Payson Park Opposed to the Music Festival Sat in the Back Row as Members of C3 Presents, Hosts of the Proposed Event Sat in the Front Row at the City Council Meeting Tonight.

A proposal to hold a two-day music festival next July at Payson Park was delayed tonight by a unanimous vote of the Portland City Council.  The vote to delay the controversial event followed a motion by City Councilor Andrew Zorro in whose district the Park is located.

In his introductory remarks, Councilor Zarro said that two matters  had come to his attention  prompting him to propose the delay of the event.  The first issue was that the implementation was “far too rushed.”  The second consideration had to do with the expense involved in the music festival.  The delay will give the city time to engage other parties in the application negotiations and its implementation.   The application could change in between now and its scheduled July 2024 occurrence said Mayor Kate Snyder.

Although members of the Friends of Payson Park were prepared to testify, no testimony was taken this evening because of the delay.  Testimony from interested parties will be taken at a later date.

The festival could attract as many as 20,000 people at the Park on each of two days.  The festival was to have occured on only two days.  But the disruption to the area off Ocean Avenue would have been much more time consuming – running from July 14 – 28 according to the C3 Presents application.

“Sounds as though the city plans to give the green light to this project,” said  “But in a scaled back version.  No room for another Woodstock here.”