‘Parking Day’ in Portland Big Success Despite Cool Weather


Adam MacDonald, Marketer and Communications Director of Portland Downtown Today.

Abbey Winslow (L) With Her Mother Katie at Vena’s Fizz House, 345 Fore Street.

Lynn Miller with Her Dog, Ginny, Relaxing in Front of LuluLemon, on Exchange Street Today

“Todays event was to show how reusing parking spaces into mini-popups can be done,” said Adam MacDonald, marketing and communications director for Portland Downtown.  “It was a big success and we’ll be repeating it next year,” said Casey Gilbert, executive director of Portland Downtown.

The event was in conjunction with Treehouse Institute and the first time that Portland Downtown ever participated in the event.  It’s only the beginning.  “This is about how much space we take up for parking,” said Lynn Miller, who took a break with her photogenic dog, Ginny.  They relaxed in front of Lululemon on Exchange Street before moving on to another nearby space. (See above right photo).

The seven participating entities were:  Cumberland Club, ListeningTunnel, Lululemon, Vena’s Fizz House, PDT Architects and Portland Downtown.  Each had to pay the city $20.00 for the use of the parking space.