PARKING BAN ON FOR TONIGHT: Starts at 10:00 pm – Parking Ban for Saturday Evening a Possibility as Well


Gone Plowing!

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,290)

 A citywide parking ban for the City of Portland has been declared beginning at 10:00 pm tonight, February 8th and ending at 6:00 am tomorrow morning.  February 9th.   The parking ban has been declared so that Public Service crews can clear and remove snow from today’s storm.  Please note that due to the extended duration of the storm, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT A  SECOND PARKING  BAN  COULD BE DECLARED FOR  SATURDAY NIGHT.  Therefore, people who park in city lots tonight WILL NOT HAVE TO  MOVER THEIR CARS BEFORE 10:00 am when a decision has been made regarding any additional ban for Saturday night.

Vehicles left on the street during a ban will be towed at the owner’s expense (tow fee – $70, impound fee – $35, ticket cost – $30 and all outstanding tiackets must be paid.  Vehicles not claimed within 24 hours will be charged $25 storage fee per day).  Vehicles will be towed to the city’s impound lot located at the Ocean Gateway International Marine Terminal at 40 Commercial Street (phone number 774-3025).  At the end of the day following a parking ban, unclaimed vehicles will be towed to private  company lots and storage fees of $25 per day will accrue.

There are a number of places people can park at no charge during a parking ban including the former Adams School parking lot on Munjoy Street and  Cutter Street lot (off the Eastern Prom), etc

The City Hall closed today at noon.  The City’s Oxford Street Shelter opened early today at 1:00 pm and tomorrow at noon. City staff are planning increased neighborhood checks to engage anyone in need of shelter.  Residents should call the Department of Public Services to report tree limbs down in city streets, 207 – 874-8493.   Waterfront and lowland areas like the neighborhoods in Bayside, Stroudwater Crossing and the Back Cove may experience flooding during the astronomical high tides tomorrow morning and evening.  For more information, please call the parking ban hotline at 879-0300 or check the Time and Temperature sign for up-to-date postings.