PACA and CP Merging as of July 1, 2012; “This is A Good Development,” Jennifer Hutchins



By Carol McCracken (Post # l,077)

It’s anticipated that by this summer, July 1, Portland Arts & Culture Affairs and Creative Portland Corporation will merge into one entity. The consolidation has been in the works for about l l/2 years and it’s good news said Jennifer Hutchins, executive director of both entities.

A discussion of the bylaws that the merger will follow was discussed at CP’s monthly meeting on February 1, 2012. PACA was to review it at its meeting later the same evening, according to Peter Bass, a PACA member and Hill resident. PACA was designated as the city’s arts organization years ago, although it is an independent one. It is funded privately and receives no funds from the city of Portland. On the other hand, CP is a quasi-city organization and receives funding from the city and fund raises on its own. It also gives PACA $5,000 of its city funding.

“We will be able to streamline our back office operations and reduce duplication,” said Ms. Hutchins. The emerging organization will meet every other month with sub-committees meeting on a regular basis,” she said.