Old Port Half Marathon & 5K Race Delights All; Race to be Expanded Next July 14th.


Amanda Allen, First in Her Age Group; Ian Nurse, FIRST PLACE OVERALL in 1.18 Hours (Both of Boston)

Meghan & Andrew Langello

Vivien Toth & Tyler Johnson.

Tracy Cocoran, of Boston.

"Local" Paul Stevens Took Second Place in His Age Group

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,184)

A scenic course along the breezy Portland waterfront, the Internet and enthusiastic feed-back from last year’s participants is what attracted 1,600 people to register for this year’s Shipyard Brewing Co. Old Port Marathon & 5K Race early this morning. The award ceremony for the Half Marathon was held on the Maine State Pier around 11:30 am – the 5K award ceremony was held earlier in the morning.

“We heard some great things about this race on the Internet. So three families decided to come here from Boston,” said Tracy Cocoran this morning as she was leaving the Pier. “Erik did a great job. He sent emails to us to keep us updated. It was so well managed,” she added. Tyler Johnson and Vivien Toth, who live locally, said they decided to run in April. They came up with a training plan they have been following strictly. Meghan & Andrew Langella, said this race was the first half marathon they’ve ever done. “If you’d asked me at the tenth mile if I’d do it again, I’d have said ‘no’, but I’ll be back next year,” said Meghan. For Andrew: “The scenery along the coast was probably the best part of the run.” Everyone who finished the race was given an unusually handsome medallion at the finish line by Barbara Bouchard, mother of the event organizer Erik. (Erik is a mechanical engineer by education.)

This year Shipyard Brewing Co. hosted a busy beer garden on the Pier. Portland Pie Co. who is very supportive of community events like this donated over 200 pizzas to the Races today. HealthSource, supervised by Dr. Jennie Hersey-Vance, gave between 200-250 massages today to runners of 15 minutes in duration.

At the half marathon award ceremony, it was announced that next year the number of racers able to register will be increased and the race will be on July 14th – a week earlier than this year. Registration is online only.

(editor’s note: “Local” Mary Costigan Ran in the Half Marathon – was inadvertently left out from under her above, left photo – sorry, Mary!)

Please see previous post herein for more background information and well as Post # 837, from last July, for additional information.