‘Northeastern’ Grads Celebrate at Shipyard Brewery on Portland’s Munjoy Hill


Kristin Allard, an English Major from NY; Casey Olschwang, a Pre-law Major Who is Going to George Washington Law School in the Fall; Meg Ryan, a neuroscience Major who Plans on being a Doctor from, (White Plans,) NY;  and Kaitlin Corich, an accounting/finance Major from New Jersey.  They Are Soroty Sisters from Sigma Kappa – The Best!”

Some of the Northeastern Grads at the  Shipyard Brewery Store on the East End Today.  In the Middle Back Row is Bruce Elam, trade brewer for Shipyard.

Emily Dias, a Nurse at a Boston Hospital and James Ferrara, Receiving His Master’s in Mechanical Engineering on May 4th.  You May Contact James at: ferrara.j2husky.neu.edu

Patrick Ward, a Member of the Planning Committee, Graduated with a Degree in Political Science.

Graduations are upon us – it’s that time of the year – and what a great time of the year it is!  All over the country graduates are making plans to celebrate this major achievement in their lives.

For about 200 graduates from Northeastern University, Boston, a day in Portland was part of the multiple day celebration that leads up to the big day on Thursday at the Boston Garden.  Over 1,000 will be graduating that day from Northeastern in two different ceremonies.

Bruce Elam, trade brewer for Shipyard, said that the Brewery was approached by a Northeastern senior who is a member of the planning committee and is from Cumberland.  “Melissa Jacques wanted to show off Portland to her class mates.  Grads were offered a tour of the brewery, and an opportunity to  sample fourteen beers and six Eli’s non-alcoholic sodas for $10.00 per person – the “tour and taste” event.  “This tour was one of the few structured activities in Portland for them,” he said.  Patrick Ward, a member of the planning committee, who currently works for a pharmaceutical company in human resources in Cambridge, MA. said that grads were provided with a list of restaurants, bars and museums in the area they could visit.  “I never knew that Portland has so many breweries.  I loved it,” Ward said.  “The visit to Portland was the only out-of-state event planned by the eight member committee.  Most  of the 200 visiting grads took off to explore other parts of the city,” Ward said. As one of the organizers of the Celebration, Ward did not leave the Shipyard.  But he did manage to duck out to Tomaso’s Canteen on Hamshire Street to get a wonderful sandwich and several beers. (See above right photo.) All of them used Shipyard Brewery as their starting point, however.

Loving each other’s company as well as that of their friends were Emily Dias and James Ferrara – both about to graduate from Northeastern as well as employees – their busy schedules gives them little time to love each other’s company as they clearly do.  Dias is already employed full-time as a nurse at a Boston hospital.  “She’s great.  She saves lives,” said James several times. Meanwhile, James will be graduating from the Master’s mechanical engineering program at Northeastern on Thursday at one of the two ceremonies referred to previously.  The couple met l l/2 years ago at Northeastern while walking beside the Charles River – in different directions – obviously there is much more to the story!

For two years, James has been working, part-time, for a medical devices company where he developed prosthetics for basketball players as well as working on his Master’s.  He would like to continue to work in the robotics field in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Maine.  If you have a full-time job opportunity to discuss with  this delightful mechanical engineer, please email him at:  ferrara.J@husky.neu.edu  (Please see above left photo.)

At 4:45 pm the four large buses who had been parked near the East End Community School on the Hill arrived back at the Shipyard Brewery Store to pick up the grads for the drive back to Boston – following a spirited six-hour visit to Portland. Some vowed to return to the area someday.  Maybe for a wedding on the Eastern Promenade and a reception at Shipyard Brewery?

These impressive graduates with their values in tact put the mind of mhn.com at ease for the future of our country!

(Disclosure:  Many years ago MHN.com worked at the Notheastern University co-op department which these graduates all benefited from during their studies.)

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  1. Great story! It’s nice to show off our great City and all it has to offer!

    • thank you Jimmy! It was so much fun to meet these great young people from away. Carol

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