No One Injured When Lift And Trailer Topple At Corner Of Congress Street & The Prom


By Carol McCracken

“I wish today were Friday ‘cause that’s my day off,” said Brad Robinson, gloomily, as he watched the aerial lift being loaded onto a flat bed tow truck while the yellow trailer it had until three hours earlier been riding on remained in the middle of Congress Street – at the corner of the Eastern Promenade. As truck driver Brad turned the corner onto Congress Street, the lift and trailer toppled over together onto the street. No one was injured. The accident occurred around 8:30 a.m. today according to Brad.

The skinny Brad said he’d loaded the aerial lift onto the trailer on North Street on the Hill where it had just finished a job. That was around 7:00 this morning. He was driving it to Saco for another job when the accident occurred. The youngish Brad who is a ten year licensed truck driver with no criminal record works for Lawrence Ryea Construction Co. in Saco.

According to State Policeman Charles Granger the aerial lift was not loaded properly on the trailer. And the brakes on the trailer didn’t work at all. Five safety chains are required by law to secure the load on the trailer and Brad admitted that he had attached only two of the safety chains this morning on North Street – in violation of the law. The construction company is responsible for the brake failure.