Nikki Haley Works the Phones in Portland on Super Tuesday; ‘Don’t Bother’ Says This Democrat


Former President Donald J. Trump is the Leader of the Autocrats of America, Formerly the Republican Party, of which Senator Susan Collins (R) is a Card Carrying Member.

The Lost and Found Mitten Wall at the East End Community School, North Street, on Munjoy Hill.

Today is Super Tuesday in Maine. and fifteen other states across the nation and one territory.  So, this long-time registered  Democrat was surprised to receive a real wake up call too early this morning from the campaign of Nikki Haley.  Her campaign was asking for support in today’s primary: Never the Dead Republican Party!  Forever a Vibrant Democrat!

There can be no doubt about Senator Susan Collins'(R) position on abortion. if there ever was any doubt.   Whlle she tries to straddle a painful fence most of the time on many issues, her support for Haley’s presidential effort, is her official announcement that she is an anti-abortion Senator.  That’s  because Haley is anti-abortion, although she tries to hide from that position because she knows it’s a looser among women and their allies of all stripes.  Shame on them!

Women’s reproductive rights or the disappearance of them is a subject that all the Autocrats of America  (“AOA”) have tried to push to the back burner.  But women and their allies won’t allow them to do that.  Because that is only the tip of their agenda in its effort to scapegoat and destroy the rights of .the most vulnerable populations in this nation.  Don’t let the Autocrats pursue this agenda.  Vote the AOA’s out of office in November 2024!

While many wonder how long Haley will remain in the race as Trump cleans her clock at the polls and primaries, this is one Democrat who hopes she will remain in the race indefinitely.  She is doing a good job of exposing just who Trump is. if you;ve forgotten.  Haley’s doing some much appreciated heavy lifting on behalf of this Democrat,

Vote to re-elect President Joe Biden as president today and in November to save  our democracy from the Autocrats of America, formerly the Republican Party.  No one disputes there are many issues, both national and international, to be dealt with.  But without a democracy in place. these issues will be lost in the chaos and revenge agenda of the angry Autocrats.  Your rights are in jeopardy if the angry Autocrats win in November – that is unless you are a white male.

Incidentally, following my voting at the East End Community School, this blogger learned that only 228 people had voted there since the polls opened at 7:00 am – an unusually low turnout for even a primary according to sources there.   That was at 1:30 pm.   A similarly low voter turnout was reported by officials at the Myrtle Street polling location just after noon today.